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I had a car accident. While I was breaking …

odszkowania-wypadkowe I had a car accident. While I was breaking I was hit from behind by another vehicle. What should I do after leaving the vehicle?

After you have left the vehicle you should get as much information as possible that will serve as an evidence in applying for your rights. Always try to take the name of the defendant, their address and insurance details. Vehicle registration number sometimes is not enough to determine who drove the vehicle.

Demand to be shown the documents and make notes. Many people usually try not to give out any data in order to avoid the responsibility. Especially when the victim has language difficulties and there is no police at the scene of an accident. Take pictures of the vehicle of the defendant. Ask the witnesses if they agreed to testify and ask them for personal details and contact telephone numbers. If the defendantdoesn’t want to provide you with the required information call the police. Remember the amount of data collected by you may be very important in the course of further proceedings.