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My work colleague had a car accident …

01 My work colleague had a car accident with his family. It's been 1.5 years and he still hasn’t received any money. Case is still ongoing, nothing is happening and the only promise is that the case will go to Court. Why is this happening?

Theoretically, if a company lawyer has accepted and continued the case, he or she should end it in Court or close it. In practice, however, many advocacy companies do not possess an appropriate number of qualified staff to take your case to the Court. Many companies focus on easy profit and hope that that the insurance company of the guilty party quickly will pay out the money. Unfortunately, in many cases it does not happen, and then it turns out that you need an experienced lawyer.

Many companies do not employ such people because of the high cost. Perhaps this is why your friend does not see any progress in his case. This is why our company has always been making sure that each time you receive a professional legal representation and not just a pseudo-expert.