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DNS Rollin' Motors LTD

From my experience DNS Rollin MOTORS

shows that not only are they professionals,

but also they are extremely polite and friendly to customers.

Anna Sekula- Guildford
Thanks to them I have received an adequate and satisfactory compensation. Professional staff, reliable and quick information about the current

situation of the case reflects on the professional service and looking after the interests of their clients.

Anna, London
I am very pleased to have worked with

Your company, and certainly

I will be recommending you at every possible opportunity.

Chris, London
My case was very difficult. I thought I wasn’t eligible to get any compensation.
However thanks to Mrs Monika who led my case I received a very high compensation.
I recommend DNS Rollin MOTORS to everyone as it ensures the client is satisfied at all times.
Stanisław, Slough
I would love to thank the whole team of DNS Rollin MOTORS for a positive

result of the case regarding the compensation for a road accident.

Lukasz Zamojski, Slough-Krakow
I am very happy with the service that I have received from DNS Rollin MOTORS,

during the whole process of settling the claim I did not have to worry about my case.
Jan Kozlowski
We are very grateful for what you've done for us. Working with you is a pure pleasure.

My daughter was pleasantly surprised by the amount that you negotiated.

We didn’t expect to get as much. Thank you for your work and your time.
Artur i Barbara, Luton
Thank you all for a positive settlement of my case, with the support of Mr. Adam.

I am very happy to have worked with you.
Dagmara, Hays

About Us

Are you a victim of an accident or medical negligence? Are you looking for help in getting compensation? Contact us!

DNS Rollin ‘Motors Ltd is a company that provides a comprehensive range of services in the field of health claims as well as car accident claim in the UK.

The term post-accident operation refers to car accidents where the car requires towing, repair, vehicle storage or getting a replacement car. We also offer a dedicated panel of experts who will investigate the claims for injuries that occurred in road accidents and involve the following:

  • driver
  • rassenger
  • pedestrian
  • cyclist
  • biker
  • other alternative means of mobility

as well as:

  • accidents that happened at work
  • in public places
  • events, etc …



An important element of our company are compensations for medical malpractice. We sue hospitals, doctors, medical staff if their negligence that caused health loss.

Perhaps you have suffered because of an accident or medical malpractice? You may get compensation for the accident and believe that the doctors or the hospitals did not fulfil their responsibilities and you still suffer?

Check that you can opt for compensation. Contact the advisor. The service is completely free at any stage. There are no hidden fees. Remember, if we have accepted your case it means that you have a real chance to get the compensation. You will then receive all that you are entitled to.

Our services are free of charge at every stage. We don’t charge the customer at all.